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Revealed! Untold Secret To Get Free US Phone Number – 2019

If you are looking to get FREE US Phone Number outside America then you are at the right place. In this article, I will show how you can get a FREE US phone number (starting with country code +1) for outbound calls/text messages or inbound calls/text messages in your own country without spending a single penny. Isn’t it great? So let’s get started.

I understand you need a US phone number but getting one is the main problem, and the ability to retain it for continuous use is another issue.

On more serious ground, we all know getting a US phone number these days is now something that’s almost impossible.

But there’s good news today!

I have faced the same problem several time and I’ve found a solution to this problem.

The amazing thing;

Am going to share with you how to get unlimited US phone number without paying a penny and also, how to make money with those numbers.

I know how you Feel,

Having a US phone number is very cherishable stuff. Now when your friends see you using a US phone number to call and chat with them, either on Whatsapp or text message, they will be tuned to know how you did it.

The Painful Part;

You’ve tried several methods, you’ve read a lot of tutorials online, but none seem to be working. You get the Annoyed because you have wasted much of your time and data only to find out that they are all outdated tutorials.

You have read many tutorials on the Internet, haven’t you?

Yes, they all give you different solutions, buh none of them seem to be working… they are all outdated! (It doesn’t work MOST times).

Wait, See;

There are tutorials online that also suggest you use a different app like TextPlus, Primo, NextPlus, Telo, TextMe, Flyp, TextFree, blah blah blah

They are all wash! And the little ones that are working are only giving you half of their tutorials. The thing is, I’ve tried 98.8% of those tutorials and none of them are working as expected. Even Google voice sef no dey work like before again… So, if you think you can get a free tutorial anywhere, hum… My brother continue searching o.

But I found a Solution;

Congrats on arriving at this page.

I was able to get (unlimited) US phone number even while am here in Nigeria and I want to show you my method today!

Having used this trick to get over 29 different US phone numbers, and I have helped a lot of people use these US phone numbers for their online verification, and also sold out most of them – I want to show you how to do the same EASILY AND FAST.

Keep Reading

Once again, congrats on arriving at this page.

Right now, getting a US phone number would no longer be a block for you.

After following the tutorial I will teach you. You’d learn how to get US phone number in Nigeria easily.

Using this simple tutorial, you can get as many as possible US phone number. — 


The US phone number I will teach you how to get is to be used for promoting legitimate businesses and also for Creating Phone Verified Accounts for legitimate use.
If queried or caught using it for any illegal activity, you alone shall face the consequences.  Don’t say I don’t tell you oo.


Yes, my method Works,

But hey!

You will have to pay a token to get this guide. Yes, you can get US phone number after getting this guide.

But before then;

Make sure these are available;

  • You have your PC with good and Fast Internet Connection
  • A new email address &
  • Your brain


The benefit of getting this guide;

  1. The US phone numbers you will get are everlasting. They are all yours forever.
  2. You can use the phone number for ANY SITE verification
  3. You get unlimited number anytime, any day
  4. I will also show you how to make 6 figure online with those numbers
  5. I will give you personal access to me in case you have any question to ask
  6. I will add you to my special mail list in case of any update in future. Because I’ve promised to always update the ebook if the need arises.

All these in this guide?



So, how much is the guide?

I made it so affordable. You may almost fall off your chair when I tell you. In fact, the amount you would invest in getting this ebook will not buy you a full Mr. Biggs pack with drinks for you and your best friend. Yes, this ebook ( Untold Secret To Get Free US Phone Number ) is that affordable. And I intentionally did it this way so that you would have no excuse to stop you from getting that desired US phone number.

So, you see, I have made everything simpler… FREE your mind and get The FREE US PHONE NUMBER GUIDE Now and your US phone number is 100% sure!


Payment Method

Bank payment

Step 1: Head straight to the bank and pay N1,500  yes, that’s right, a miserly one thousand five hundred Naira only. But for 96 Hours Only (launching price). After 96 Hours, Price goes right up to N2,500, after two weeks price goes up to 3,500 and after three weeks price goes up to 5,000

Account Name: Oyedokun Victor

Account Number: 0264062711

Bank Type: Gtbank


Step 2: Send an EMAIL/Text message with Your Name + Email + phone number with payment proof to [email protected] / 08144216361 (You can also message me on Whatsapp)

The subject of the email – “Payment For US Number Guide”


Step 3: Once we have verified your payment, your material will be emailed to you instantly.


PS: This book ( Untold Secret To Get Free US Phone Number ) was launched on 7th of April, 2019 – Everything in the guide is up to date. I am avoiding anything technical or too difficult to understand and teaching you the easiest methods in all stages. I will be using only tested and trusted links, services, and screenshots that won’t give you stressful user experiences. All in all, relax and read with your brain and mind, at the end of the journey, you’ll have reasons to say “Thank You Ooyes”

Remember: Am revealing my secrets to you in this guide, thereby causing more competition for myself. So, I won’t hesitate to increase the price after 96 hours.

For more inquiries, drop them in the comment section, whatsapp me on +2348144216361 (I HATE CALLS PLS)


Yours in success




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