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How to Increase Your Level of Productivity This Month

“Oh no! It’s Monday already and my presentation is not complete yet!” ‘TGIF!!! Wait, no… I can’t party tonight – I have things to work on!’ ‘It’s 8:00a.m on a beautiful Saturday morning but I can’t sleep in – my work is far from finished!’ The above scenarios may sound familiar to you, especially if […]

I Hate Being Broke- What Skill Can I Learn Today?

I can imagine you listening to that hit track , Able God , Able God Shower your blessings we want this Money, No More Insufficient Funds ,Atisise , Aboki ti se Dollar. ���No More Insufficient Funds. ����� …is something you would often hear from a STUDENT/GRADUATE who wants to make more money but got no […]

How To Keep Your Lipstick From Transferring When You K**s

Want the ultimate k**s-proof lipstick hacks for your smooching holiday season? *wink It can be really messy hugging or kissing someone and having your lipstick come off your lips and end up all over their face. Of course, if you’re home or behind closed doors, it might not matter if your lipstick stays on or not. […]

9 Things To Know When Meeting Your Partner’s Parents

9 Things To Know When Meeting Your Partner’s Parents Meeting your partner’s parents is a major step in your relationship, thus creating a good first impression is something you must do. As intimidating as meeting your partner’s parents can be, you still need to comport yourself. The first impression you create when dealing with your […]

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