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9ja Latest News: President Buhari Caged By Cabal As Doctors Ask Him To Shelve Work

Sahara Reporters has learned from
sources at the Presidency that President
Muhammadu Buhari’s doctors have
advised him to shelve the idea of
returning soon to the daily routine of
running Nigeria on account of the gravity of his illness. However, some of Mr.
Buhari’s closest associates are
goading him to defy the doctors’
recommendation and to take up the
reins of power once more in Nigeria. President Buhari left Nigeria on January
19 on what was supposed to be a 10-
day medical leave. He has since twice
postponed his return date even as
several government officials and his
close aides have continued to characterize him as “hale and
hearty,” insisting that he was still
vacationing and would soon return to
Nigeria. However, our sources, who are well
briefed about Mr. Buhari’s health,
disclosed that doctors managing the
president have been unequivocal in
warning that his condition would
certainly deteriorate should he return to Nigeria without completing the first
stage of his treatment. According to one of the sources, the
Nigerian president’s condition has
been downgraded to “full blown
illness” even by members of his
kitchen cabinet who are now quietly
admitting that he is “ill.” However, the ailing president’s closest
associates remain averse to disclosing
to the Nigerian people the nature of Mr.
Buhari’s illness. Saharareporters learnt that the
president’s deteriorating health has
got to a point where doctors are taking
“extreme measures” to ensure that
he eats. Mr. Buhari has progressively
lost weight due to his illness and course of treatment, our sources disclosed. SaharaReporters learned that the pool of
aides traveling with President Buhari
have extended their hotel booking in
London by at least one month starting
from February 6th 2017. This means that
the earliest Mr. Buhari would make it back to Nigerian soil is in early March. However, our sources revealed that
some members of the president’s
inner political circle continue to pressure
Mr. Buhari’s doctors in the UK to allow
him to return to Abuja, even if for a short
time, in order to give the impression that his recovery was on course. We
understand that the UK doctors have so
far resisted the pressures, stating that it
would be professionally irresponsible of
them to clear Mr. Buhari at this stage to
take up the demands of the Presidency. “I understand that the doctors [in the
UK] have made it clear that Mr.
President’s flight back to Nigeria could
complicate things for him,” one source
said. Another group of Mr. Buhari’s
supporters have asked the ailing
president to authorize his doctors to
address the Nigerian people directly
about his health situation. However,
members of the president’s inner cabinet have staunchly opposed this
disclosure, arguing that, since Mr. Buhari
had handed over to Vice President Yemi
Osinbajo, there was no need to make
further revelations since the VP has
been vested with all the constitutional powers to run Nigeria. Some political figures, particularly
governors of some northern states,
have been spending extending times in
London and making efforts daily to meet
with the ill president. However, such
meetings with Mr. Buhari have also become difficult to arrange since the
ailing president’s doctors have
cautioned against his meeting and
smooching with visiting politicians, citing
the significant drain on his already low
energy. “The doctors have become very stern in restricting access to him
[President Buhari],” said one source.
“As a result, so many of the visiting
politicians do not even get to see Mr.
Buhari before returning to Nigeria empty
handed,” he added. As SaharaReporters earlier revealed,
President Buhari’s doctors in the UK
have recommended that he would need
at least a period of four months away
from power to receive the full regimen
of treatment for his several health challenges. A source said the president
was undergoing therapy related to his
prostate, declining to be more specific. A
different source disclosed that the
treatment had partially affected
President Buhari’s voice, at one point making it almost impossible to hear him. During the week, there were rumors in
Abuja that President Buhari would
attend the inauguration of President
Adams Barrow in the Gambia. But one
source at the Presidency dismissed the
rumor as “a ruse raised by some members of a cabal who are
determined to see that their power is
not whittled down.” Two of our sources disclosed that
President Buhari’s health issues were
of a chronic nature, adding that it was
unlikely that the ailing president would
ever be in a position to meet the full
demands of his office whenever he returns to the country. “He is going to
need regular trips abroad for ongoing
treatment,” one stated.

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Updated: February 19, 2017 — 10:54 pm

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    kitchen cabinet who are now quietly
    admitting that he is “ill

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